Free Roommate Agreement Template Form – Adobe PDF – MS Word

A roommate agreement is a contract between individuals, known as “roommates”, sharing a residential living area such as an apartment, home, or condominium. This is an agreement between the roommates only and does not involve the landlord. In addition, the agreement does not supersede the master lease (which is the lease between the landlord and tenant). The landlord has no obligations under this agreement. If the roommates do not collectively pay the monthly rent as stated in the master lease then the landlord will be able to evict the roommates even if some of them have paid.

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Roommate Agreements by State

How to Write

Use the agreement to detail the amount of rent due by each person per month in addition to other agreed upon terms such as:

  • Security Deposit – Which roommates have paid and the amount
  • Kitchen Use and Clean-up – If food will be purchased by the individuals as a whole or individually
  • Cleaning – If there will be clean-up time or a housecleaner will be hired
  • Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs – What is allowed to be used in the residence
  • Parking
  • Overnight Guests
  • Cleanup After Parties/Guests
  • Music/Sound
  • Behavior of Guests
  • Keys
  • Shared Common Areas – Such as bathrooms
  • Quiet Hours
  • Utilities – Gas, water, electricity, etc.

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